New and Improved!

Welcome to the newly redesigned Advanced Massage Techniques!

After months of work, Aaron and I feel we are at a point where we are comfortable switching the site from our other server/host.

A few things have changed

All of our courses are now available online, exclusively in an eBook format. The eBooks are available for download immediately after purchase.

All courses now have online exams. After successful completion of an exam, a certificate will be available to print.

I will continue to blog about various massage topics on Massage & Bloggywork. I will blog about course updates, continuing education changes, and other advanced massage techniques news under the ‘updates’ heading on this website. You can stay informed on these topics by subscribing to updates at the top right corner of this screen.

We have a new course, Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage. I am so excited to share this course! I attribute much of my success as a massage therapist, my career longevity, and an abundance of happy clients to ashiatsu. Barefoot massage techniques are something all massage professionals could use at some point in their career. The course includes a detailed eBook with embedded video links, bar installation instructions, and tips for a new barefoot business.

There are a few things that have not changed

It may appear that I do not have to do anything now after a course purchase. This is not true. I will still take the time to connect and communicate with every person that takes a course. Automatic downloads and online exams will enable me to have more time for that now!

There are changes still ahead

The site is not completely done. I want to also apologize in advance for the glitches, errors, and general chaos that accompany a move and redesign. We have tried our best to minimize errors, but something always slips though the cracks. Your patience is appreciated.

Please look around and tell me what you think!

~ Ivy

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Thank you for reading this post! In addition to writing here at Advanced Massage Techniques, I write specifically about barefoot massage at, and write about more general massage topics at Massage & Bloggywork.


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