about ivy

In 2001, I graduated from Carlson College of Massage Therapy. I was fortunate enough to open my business within my father’s former chiropractic clinic. I built a busy general practice in a short time. I attribute building a successful and long career to ethics and ashiatsu. I continue working there today on a limited schedule.

I am currently licensed in Iowa (02648) and Florida (MA66325).

In 2006, I started Advanced Massage Techniques. Living in Iowa it seemed that CE courses I wanted to take always required travel, which demanded a lot of time and money. As a mom who ran a busy business, there was not time to travel or to sit in weekend ethics courses. I have always been a self-learner and know that there are many other people like me who excel in this setting. I discovered home study courses were a great way for me to learn and grow as a massage therapist. Advanced Massage Techniques became a way for me to communicate and share with colleagues my interests and knowledge in a few massage topics.

At Advanced Massage Techniques, I try to combine the convenience of online courses and exams with personal communication. I love to exchange ideas and network with colleagues I have met through this business all over the country.

Advanced Massage Techniques has giving me the opportunity to stay home more with my husband and two daughters. My other interests include homeschooling, adoption, Pinterest, and writing for my two blogs (Massage & Bloggywork and Ashiatsu blog).

I hope to share information I have learned with you, and I am looking forward to you sharing what you have learned with me.