Getting Your Florida Massage License: Endorsement vs Examination

What is the most confusing question on the Florida Massage License Application?

“Are you applying for licensure as a Massage Therapist by Endorsement or as a Massage Therapist by Examination?”

Most therapists assume if they are transferring their license from another state, they are applying as an Endorsement candidate.

This is not always the case.

I receive calls and emails weekly from future Florida therapists who were grandfathered into licensure in another state, practice in a state with no licensing requirements, or are just confused by the lack of information regarding the Florida massage license process.

To help clear up some confusion, I have created an infographic to help you determine the method of licensure you qualify for.

Florida Massage License Infographic

Here are clickable links to the information posted in the infographic:

Free Checklist for Examination Candidates

Free Checklist for Endorsement Candidates

Florida Massage License FAQ

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