HIV/AIDS Continuing Education Course for Massage Therapists Waived for 2013 Renewal

Here is an update I wanted to make all of my Florida colleagues aware of:

As of July 1st, 2012, Florida massage therapists are no longer required to complete a minimum one hour HIV/AIDS continuing education course per biennial renewal.

This continuing education requirement was previously required by Florida Law – Chapter 456.033.

For more information on this change you can view Florida House Bill 4163.

Three (3) hours of HIV/AIDS education is still required for all new Florida licensees, and massage therapists looking to transfer their massage license to Florida.

Florida Licensees are still required to complete the following courses for the 2013 biennial renewal:

Two (2) hours of Prevention of Medical Errors
Two (2) hours of Professional Ethics (Ex: Roles and Boundaries – Standard V)
Two (2) hours of Florida Law and Rules

These three courses are available in our Florida Massage License Renewal Package.

Because of the rule change, the HIV/AIDS course has been removed from our renewal package.

~ Ivy

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