Florida Massage License: Online Renewal Tutorial

This video walks you through the online process for renewing your Florida Massage license. Note: You will need to have all of your hours entered into CE Broker before you can complete your license renewal. If you have unreported hours, I have a tutorial for self-reporting hours here.

The 7 Most Frequently Asked Questions about Florida Massage License Renewal

The Seven most Frequently Asked Questions about Florida Massage License Renewal

Having been a Florida Massage CE Provider for several renewal cycles now, I have received hundreds of emails and phone calls regarding license renewal. Many of them are due to confusion between licensing, first time renewal, and regular renewal requirements. Some of them are due to receiving bad information from other therapists. Others are due […]

Aromatherapy Resources

Aromatherapy Resources and Supply List

More than ever, people are using essential oils in their daily lives. There is an overwhelming amount of essential oil products on the market today. Below is a list products I would recommend to my massage clients, colleagues or anyone getting started with using essential oils and aromatherapy. I have included links to purchase these […]

How to Check Your Florida Hours With CE Broker

How to Check Your Hours in CE Broker

I recently attended a webinar hosted by the Florida AMTA Chapter and CE Broker. There were many questions about using CE Broker and the 2015 renewal process, where CE Broker will be used to determine if your continuing education requirements are completed and reported. What is CE Broker? CE Broker is a continuing education tracking […]

How to Avoid Delays in Getting Your Florida Massage License

After helping over 700 people obtain their Florida massage license, I have put together a few tips to help you minimize delays and avoid notifications of missing items from the Florida Board of Massage. Apply for your license before you do anything else. When you apply to the Florida Board of Massage, a file is […]

The New Fingerprinting Requirement for Florida Massage Therapists


fie As of July 1st, 2014, all newly licensed massage therapists and establishment owners will be required to submit digital fingerprints before being issued a license. Currently Licensed Massage Therapists and Massage Establishment owners should have received a notice in the mail notifying them about the requirements to have fingerprints submitted by January 31st, 2015. […]

2013 Changes to Florida Massage Establishment Laws

In July and August, most Florida massage licensees received a postcard from the MQA about a change to the massage establishment regulation, due to the passage of House Bill 7005. This change will affect a small minority of massage therapists. The intent of this bill was to curb illegal massage activity by (theoretically) making it […]

Steps to Renewing your Florida Massage License

Ready to renew your Florida massage license for 2015? If this is not your first renewal, have you have checked everything off this checklist? If this is your first renewal, this checklist? If you have everything done, read on and I will guide you through the renewal process.   Here are a few items you’ll […]

Self-Reporting Hours to CE Broker for Florida Massage Therapists

In case you haven’t heard, for the 2015 renewal, all continuing education hours need to be reported before you will be allowed to renew your Florida massage license. Today, I am going to explain who needs to self-report their hours and guide those of you that need to do this through the steps of self-reporting. […]

If I get my Florida Massage License now, will I have to renew it in August?

Chances are if you are here, you have looked around enough to know that every Florida massage therapist needs to renew their license by August, 31st of every odd year. So, you may be asking yourself: “If I get my license now, will I need to renew in just a couple of months?” Maybe you […]