New Florida Massage License Package
(15 CE Hours)

New Florida Massage License Courses

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$ 79.00


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This 15 Hour Package Includes:

  • 10 Hour Florida Massage Law

  • 3 Hour HIV/AIDS

  • 2 Hour Prevention of Medical Errors

Simplifying the Florida Application Process

If you are transferring your license from another state, or seeking your first massage license in the state of Florida, you may have found the application process is not quick and easy.

Having gone through the process myself, I can testify firsthand about the confusion and frustration that can accompany the process.

The good news is you don’t have to suffer as I did.

I’ve helped over 700 massage therapists make their professional move to the Sunshine State a little easier, and I want to help you too!

Eliminating Confusion

There is a question on the Florida application that seems simple, but unfortunately is not.

“Are you applying for licensure as a Massage Therapist by Endorsement or as a Massage Therapist by Examination?”

What does that question mean, and how are you supposed to know the answer?

To help eliminate confusion and unexpected surprises, I have created a flow chart to help you quickly identify which method of licensure you qualify for.

Florida Massage License Flowchart

Now What?

I have created checklists to streamline the licensure process for you and to help you avoid the aggravation and uncertainty that often plagues Florida applicants.

Grab Your Free Checklist Right Here:

Get a Printable License by Endorsement Checklist
Get a Printable License by Examination Checklist

Do You Have a Special Situation?

Were you grandfathered into licensure in your state or practice in a state that does not require a licensing exam?

Unfortunately, completion of the NCETMB, NCETM, NESL, or MBLEx is mandatory for licensure in Florida.

I have contacted the Florida Board of Massage on several occasions regarding special situations for therapists who haven’t taken a licensing exam.

I have yet to learn of an exception to this requirement.

While is not fun for me to tell you this, I would rather you be informed and prepared upfront than to receive an unpleasant surprise in the middle of the process.

I am sure you think you have forgotten everything you learned in school, but you haven’t. No one likes exams. You can do this.

Can I have more than one massage therapy license?

Luckily massage licenses are not like citizenship; you do not have to relinquish one for another. You can hold a license in all fifty states if you want to.

Getting a license in Florida does not negate the current massage license you hold. If you keep both licenses current, you will just be dually licensed.

I hold both Iowa and Florida massage licenses. I just follow the laws in the state that I am practicing.

I thought the HIV/AIDS course was no longer required?

While 1 CE Hour of HIV/AIDS is no longer required for license renewal, a 3 Hour HIV/AIDS course is still required to receive your initial license.

Click here to read more on the HIV/AIDS requirement.

Here is a quick list of some other frequently asked questions.

What’s in This Package?

Before attaining your Florida Massage Therapy License, the Florida Board requires all applicants to complete a set of three (3) continuing education courses, which may be taken in a home study format.

These courses are required for both Endorsement and Examination candidates.

What you’re paying for:

The three (3) massage courses required for a Florida Massage License:

  • 10 Hour Florida Massage Law
  • 3 Hour HIV/AIDS
  • 2 Hour Prevention of Medical Errors

What you’re getting:

  • Streamlined checklist to help you quickly identify the steps needed to get your Florida license and simple direction on how to complete them.
  • Quick and easy access to your learning materials via an eBook format with online exam.
  • Don’t wait for shipping. Get started right away!

    Take your exam as you learn, “open book” style.

    You can print your certificate immediately after completion of your exam.

  • Personal assistance from me to help with any questions or snags along the way.
  • I love to help, and I’m available at anytime. Just call or email me!

“You have been awesome and amazing! I assumed these courses would take weeks of reviewing and study, yet I did it all in a few days!

For you to have simplified and streamlined the process, AND include the courses for $79 is just refreshing and tribute to your profession.

Thank you!”

~ Anthony DeFruscio

Let’s Do This!

Florida allows one year from your application date to complete all the necessary steps in the licensing process.

When everything goes smoothly, it typically takes about six (6) weeks to complete the application process.

However, I have found the longer I give myself to complete a project, the less likely I am to finish it.

If becoming a Florida massage therapist is your goal, dream or passion, the earlier you start, the sooner (and more likely) you will achieve success!

So grab your Free Applicant Checklist (endorsement or examination), purchase the required coursework, and let’s get you working in Florida!

New Florida Massage License Courses

PDF Course Download

Online Exam

$ 79.00


How does this work?
Florida Provider# 50-16951

If you do not need all three courses, you can purchase each course separately:

$ 69.00 – Florida Law (10 CE Hours)

$ 15.00 – HIV/AIDS (3 CE Hours)

$ 10.00 – Prevention of Medical Errors (2 CE Hours)



Remember, I love to help people accomplish their goals, so if you have further questions or run into any snags along the way, I want to hear from you.

You can contact me anytime, or (877) 515-9971.