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Getting Your Florida Massage License

Massage therapy in Florida is regulated by the Florida Board of Health. You may not offer massage services for compensation in the state of Florida without holding a valid massage therapy license.

Here’s what you need to get your license:

You must be 18 years old and have received a high school diploma or graduate equivalency diploma (GED).

You must have completed a minimum of 500 hours of massage training at a Florida Board approved massage school, or a school approved by your current state board. It is also acceptable to have completed a Florida Board approved apprenticeship program.

You must pass a national licensing exam. The Florida board accepts the MBLEx, NCETMB, NCETM or NESL, however the MBLEx is the only exam currently available.

You must complete three specific courses: Ten (10) hour Florida Law and Rules, three (3) hour HIV/AIDS, two (2) hour Prevention of Medical Errors. These courses must be completed through an Florida approved massage therapy school or a Florida approved continuing education provider. Click here to get these courses.

You must submit a massage license application (printable application or online application) and fee to the Florida Board of Health.

Methods of Licensure

There are three (3) methods of receiving your Florida massage license: by Examination, by Endorsement, and by Apprenticeship. Learn more about these methods of licensure, and which one applies to you: Three Routes to Licensure

Get a Free Printable Checklist to guide you this process: Endorsement or Examination

Florida Massage License FAQ

Florida Massage License Process Explained (video)

Renewing Your Florida Massage License

Florida massage therapists must renew their license every two years, and all 30,000+ LMT’s share the same renewal date.

The next license renewal deadline is August 31st, 2015.

This does not mean you must wait until the deadline to submit your renewal application and continuing education hours, rather that your application and CE’s must be submitted by the renewal deadline date.

So what’s required to renew your license?

You must complete twenty-four (24) hours of continuing education. These hours must be completed between your last license renewal and the current license renewal. Up to twelve (12) hours may be completed in an online/home study format.

There are three (3) required courses for renewal:

  • Two (2) Hour Florida Law and Rules
  • Two (2) Hour Prevention of Medical Errors
  • Two (2) Hours of Professional Ethics (such as Roles and Boundaries)

*Please Note: One (1) Hour of HIV/AIDS is no longer required for license renewal.

Get these 3 courses in a Florida Renewal Package for just $29.00.

Twelve (12) hours must focus on massage therapy techniques, which may include the history of massage, human anatomy & physiology, kinesiology and/or pathology. These hours must be completed in a live classroom environment.

All of your CE hours must be submitted to CE Broker. Florida law requires that board approved continuing education providers submit completed hours on your behalf so long as you provide your license number on your exams.

Changes to renewal processing require that your CE hours be submitted to CE broker before your renewal application can be processed. Hint: Do not wait until the last minute to complete your hours!

After completing your twenty-four (24) hours of continuing education, complete and submit your renewal application and fee.

These renewal instructions will determine whether you may apply online or by mail.

Get a Free Printable Checklist to guide you through the renewal process: Renewal Checklist

First Time License Renewal

If this is your first renewal after receiving your Florida license, your renewal requirements are slightly different.

The only course you are required to complete is Two (2) Hour Prevention of Medical Errors.

However, you are also required to complete one (1) CE Hour for every month or partial month from your date of licensure until the renewal date (August 31st, 2015).

So as an example, if you received your license on 12/15/14, you would need to complete nine (9) continuing education hours. If you received your license on 12/15/13, you would need to complete twenty-one (21) hours of continuing education.

For your first renewal only, you may complete all of your continuing education hours in an online/home study format.

Don’t forget to put your license number on your continuing education exams so that your CE provider can submit your hours to CE broker on your behalf.

Reminder: All courses must be obtained through a Florida Board Approved Provider.

View courses for first time renewal candidates.

After you have completed your continuing education hours, complete and submit your renewal application and fee.

These Renewal Instructions will help you determine whether you can apply for renewal online or by mail.

Florida Massage Establishment License

A massage establishment license is required for any business (spa, chiropractor, home business, etc) that offers massage therapy services.

In general, if a client comes to you, you need an establishment license. If you go to your client (i.e. a mobile business), you do not need an establishment license. Again, this is a generalization, exceptions do exist.

Here is an article that lets you know what to expect when applying for a Massage Establishment License.

Here is the Establishment License Application: Online or Printable

Establishment License Renewal

Establishment licenses are valid for up to two (2) years, and the renewal deadline is the same as your massage license renewal deadline, August 31st, 2015.

Your establishment license renewal may take two to three weeks to process, so do not wait until the last minute.

Here’s what you need to know to renew your establishment license.

You can renew your establishment license online here.

Florida CE Provider #50-16951